is all about bringing value wholesale deals to the Philippines.

We are all set to import quality yet reasonable products made predominantly in ASEAN (ATIGA) or in CHINA (ACFTA) and offer them to resellers in the Philippines.
Our modern business acumen and internationality is our strength when it comes to low risk deals with excellent quality control, quick turn around and reasonable profitability.
Especially the quality control is often missing when companies order from countries like China, where both, a different business culture and the language barrier prevail. This often let perceived great deals turn into frustration and loss of money.

While importing best in class products and selling them at attractive and affordable prices we believe we bring value to the Filipino population and our shareholders alike.
Our distribution partners will help to fulfill our goal of doing business right.

As one of example we will import Quality Furniture and Condo Essentials that make life livable, outdoors or in small spaces. With average house size in the Philippines of less than 40 square meters intelligent furniture will change the lives of Filipinos that can now for instance use the space that used to be occupied by a bed for a home office or children play space with our Wall bed solutions.



In todays world we see trends of living in small spaces rather than building bigger houses. Condo’s built in the Philippines are down to as low as 15m2 per unit. That may be more affordable but how do you actually live in such a space.

We at RG IMPEX INC are looking forward – we see the trend and react to it by moving ahead. We develop own space saving furniture and import and wholesale other good solutions that fit our marketing approach.


RG IMPEX INC is founded on years of professional experience in industrial and marketing sectors. Our founder is a well-respected scientist from Germany who provides leadership to the whole team. But only with the professionalism and experience of the entirety of all team members a venture like ours can do it’s magic perfectly. Our Corporate Secretary brings fundamental experience to the extendable table. With solid accounting background as well as many years of management experience she helps to keep the company on track.


To be the leading provider of affordable, economical, space saving or other intelligent solutions to “Make Life Livable” in our modern world.


By offering great products and solutions to common problems with the use of modern business methods we eliminate unnecessary cost for our customers and deliver superior value for money. That will lead to superior brand awareness within our broad partner and customer base.

Core Values: 

Our Values are based on our principles of delivering ethical, safe, efficient and professional products and services by acknowledging and practicing:

• Clear Expectations and Commitments
• Safety and Wellbeing
• Reciprocity and Learning Through Partnership
• Reflection and Evaluation
• Respect for Diversity
• Humility

Expertise – Service – Support

Our expertise in selecting and testing good quality products and solutions with best benefit/cost ratios makes us the preferred provider among the vast pool of importers.

We service our clients with the humility that they deserve to obtain optimal results and if it comes to support we are there when we are needed