At RG IMPEX INC we help you not only to import goods – we also provide additional services. We manage your supply chain for you – select purchasing options – coordinate with the foreign countries manufacturers – control that the quality is up to the agreement – handle the packaging – shipping – insurance and finally the customs clearance.

In the Philippines we IMPORT more than we EXPORT. We at RG IMPEX INC help you to import from many of your favourite nations. The Philippines imports most from CHINA – followed by JAPAN, USA, the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) and at the 5th place from THAILAND in South East Asia. 

Below are some key  financial data about the Philippines: [source WTO]

Rank in world trade, 2016


 EXPORT               IMPORT

Rank   46              Rank   35     

GDP (million current US$, 2016)          304,696

GDP per capita (US$, 2014-2016)            2878

Trade per capita (US$, 2014-2016)            818

Trade (% GDP, 2014-2016)                          28.4         


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